Inari lake traverse, Baltic Sea: Oulu-Kemi, and Baltic Sea: Oulu-Kemi-Lulea programs are designed, coordinated and logistically field supported by Àlex S. Casanovas, Iditarod Trail invitational 350 milles finisher, Rovaniemi150 race director and very experienced in extreme cold weather.


Our Ski traverses programs are designed for everybody. Those who want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes in Lapland in full contact with the nature.


Inari lake traverse have the support of a snowmobile with trailer which carry all the gear and controlling the safety of the group. Your guide is also your cook so you only have to worry about skiing and relax in the cabins you'll find along the way in the islands.


Baltic Sea, Oulu-Kemi program is for people who want to learn and experience about cold temperatures (sometimes extreme ones) and polar traverses.


Baltic Sea, Oulu-Kemi-Lulea traverse is different. For the experienced skiers who wants to face a challenge.This could be a very severe traverse, reserved for experienced skiers. All meals have to be cook in a white gas stove and the tent is the unique shelter for rest and sleep.