Around RovaniemiInari lake and Baltic Sea: Oulu-Kemi programs are designed, coordinated and logistically field supported by Àlex S. Casanovas, Iditarod Trail invitational 350 milles finisher, Rovaniemi150 race director and very experienced in extreme cold weather.


All those who join our Fat-Bikes programs, will have a 50% discount in Rovaniemi150 Arctic Winter Race entry fee for next time they wish to participate.


Fat-Bike's world is growing and becoming more popular in Europe. Our Fat-Bike programs are designed for everybody. For those who would like to learn about winter biking, or those contemplating entering in a winter ultra race, or for the experienced biker who just enjoy riding through the beautiful landscapes in Lapland.

All this programs have the support of a snowmobile with trailer which carry all the gear and controlling the safety of the group.


Around Rovaniemi and Inari lake programs are not about physical training, but to learn about winter backcountry travel, camping and biking in the snow in cold temperatures, sometimes extreme, depending weather conditions.

During this traverses you will learn the little tricks to make your journey more confortable. Carrying the right gear, without compromising safety, and using it to have your body warm without get wet and specially protect your nose, fingers and toes from the frostbite.

You will learn the right way to prepare your bivouac and you will experience the bivouac, if you want, close to the safety of a cabin or shelter, allways supervised by Àlex.


During the daily excursions (Around Rovaniemi) will be a lunch stop were you will enjoy a nice meal in a typicla Finnish wooden shelter with a firewood.


Long traverses such the Inari lake have shelters and cabins to stop and rest, sleep and have a confortable meal and place to defrost and dry your clothes.


Baltic Sea traverse is different. This could be a really challenging traverse, reserved for experienced bikers. All meals have to be cook in a white gas stove and the tent is the unique shelter for rest and sleep.


If you have in mind other traverses, longer ones or in other Lapland areas, please contact me and I we'll give you advice and good information.