Ski traverse: Baltic Sea, Oulu-Kemi.

80 kilometers ski traverse in the frozen sea in total autonomy, guided by Àlex S. Casanovas.


Although it requires minimal physical condition, the traverse is technically easy, suitable for anyone with some experience in mountaineering. it is also recommended for people who want to experience something different in a wonderful natural setting.


This is an introduction to the polar environement, highly recommended for people who intend to do a polar traverse in over exposed places like Svalbard, Greenland and Antarctica's last degree. You'll learn orienteering, how to manage with low temperatures, with all that implies, to perform everyday tasks with gloves or mittens. Become familiar with the equipment is vital for survival of any polar traverse.




March 10th to March 16th. 

March 19th to March 25th.


Minimum people per group: 5

Maximum people per group:


PRICE: (included 24% VAT).

Per person: 1.150,00 €


Clubs, associations and groups, please contact me.



- Guide service.

- Welcome dinner in Rovaniemi.

- All transfers.

- Travel by train to Oulu.

- Travel by private taxi to Rovaniemi.

- Five days ski traverse.

- Personal gear**: Skis, ski poles, boots, pulka, bag (50 liters), mitens.

- Camp communitary supplies: Tents (x2 people),  shovel (1 per tent), stoves, pans, plates, cutlery and glasses, thermos.

- All meals and snacks during the traverse.

- Visit the Ice Castle in Kemi.

- Lunch at the Ice Castle in Kemi.



- Flight ticket.

- Visas and/or passport charges.

- Airport taxes.

- Excess baggage.

- Accommodation in Rovaniemi.*

- Own bivouac gear (sleeping bag, mattres).**

- Personal clothing and backpack.**

- Personal insurance (medical, evacuation, etc).

- All kind of drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic).

- Last night dinner in Rovaniemi.

- Lunch on the returning day to hometown.

- Tips.

- Anything not included in the "Price includes".



* The range of hotels in Rovaniemi is very high. You can reserve your accommodation in


** Regarding the personnel clothing, gear and bivouac gear I can advise you what is the best for this traverse. Also is possible to rent an sleeping bag. In case you have your own personal gear (skis, boots, ski poles, mitens, etc) is possible to do a reduction of the total price.

I will be glad to answer your concerns and questions here.


*INCLUDED FOOD FOR LUNCH (Please tell me if you are vegetarian or follow a diet).

Mashed potatoes, noodles, meat, fish, sausages, bacon, cheese, soup, Finnish bread, garlic powder, ognion, salt and pepper, tabasco, butter, isotonic drink, berry juice, muesli, cereals, cocoa, chocolate bars, biscuits, chocolate with fruits, nuts, jelly beans, sweets, coffee, tea, powder milk, sugar. 



You need to have minimum too moderate level in ski. You need to be in a good physical condition to enjoy this traverse because you will be skiing around 20 kilometers per day, pulling a 25 kg. pulka (aprox). Temperatures can reach or even exceed -20ºC. If you are not enough fit, I recommend that you start training at least three months before departure. Contact me and I can suggest you a convenient training program.



- 40% of total activity must be paid at the time of booking.

- The total cost has to be paid 35 days before the start of the activity.

- Payments must be made by bank transfer. We do not accept other types of payments.

- Payments send by bank transfer have to include transfer cost.



- Cancellation 35 days prior the beginning date be refunded all except 200 € service charge.

- Cancellation 20 days prior the beginning date will be refunded 75% of total activity.

- 14 days prior the beginning date will be refunded 50% of total activity.

- Cancellations less than 14 days before the beginning date there will be no refund.


Polarguide and Logistics strongly recommend to purchase a trip cancellation and interruption insurance, at the time you pay your initial deposit, as protection against an emergency which may force you to cancel or leave an expedition or activity while it is in progress.


During this week, every night we will have the chance to see Northern Lights, always if suitable weather conditions.


Daily program
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Terms and Conditions
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You can have a look for offers and reservation at:

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