66ºNorth Ultra Race, 20.-22 February 2015


We understand that anybody without winter experience who pretends to participate in this kind of races, must have the common sense to get good information about all the needs to face a competition like that.

Racers must be self sufficient and have the ability to take care of themselves. This is a dangerous race and participants have to consider really seriously if they are physically and mentally prepare for this type of race.


It is very important to know how to combinate your clothes, the layers... and this is very personal and come with the experience. 

If you don't have experience we recommend you to try and test your gear in cold conditions.


A temperature of -15ºC could be consider very cold by many people, but between -15ºC and -20ºC the difference is very high and it's "only" five degrees less!. A few minutes without gloves at -20ºC can easy freeze your naked hands.

When temperature drop to -30ºC or so, evertything change and you must be very careful in what you are doing, any nacked little part of your body without cover will frostbite in few minutes.

Besides clothing, a rich diet in calories also helps us face the cold much better. In cold weather food is very important and it is equally important to be well hydrated. February is not the coldest time of the year but, even then, temperatures can drop below -30ºC, so be prepared.


Please ensure that you have enough food and clothes to sustain yourself and stay safe during the entire race. Anyway in case of extreme temperatures it's necessary to have a very good gear to face the cold. 

Even after the effort required for this race, not so low temperatures can be a problem if you don't have good clothes.



RECOMMENDED GEAR (is up to you what to bring)


  1. Down jacket.

      Recommended brands: Valandré. Mountain Hard Wear. Mountain Equipment. Rab.


  2. Snowshoes (if you go on foot).

      Recommended brands: Tubbs. MSR. TSL


  3. Waterproof overshoes (in case of overflow).

      Recommended brand: Neos.


  4. Stove. In extreme cold temperatures, only the white gas or gasoline stoves are ok.

      Recommended brands and models: Primus. MSR.


      Fuel: In Rovaniemi you can find in petrol stations "4-tahti besiini".


  5. Foot wear for temperatures 0ºC to -30ºC.

  6. Thermal underwear for temperatures 0ºC to -30ºC.

  7. Thermal socks for temperatures 0ºC to -30ºC.

  8. Head gear.

  9. Face mask.

10. Sun glasses.

11. Ski googles.

12. Polar fleece pants or similar.

13. Polar fleece jacket.

14. Full wind suit - Jacket and Pants (Goretex or similar).

15. Extreme cold mittens.

17. Cooking pot.

18. Insulated water containers.

19. Matches or lighter.

20. Sunscreen.

21. Tape.

22. Tool to repair your equipment.



E-mail us if you have any questions.