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will start next 1.8.2015

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66 Km winter ultramarathon


(maximum time to complete is 18 hours)



One race, three categories:


You can compete on foot, by bike or with skis.


All categories starts at the same moment, in the same place, at the same time than Rovaniemi150

Welcome and enjoy it!!







The 66º North entry fee is:


100 eur. for bikers, skiers and runners.


150 eur. for tandem.


Free registration fee for disabled athletes.




66º North Ultra Race intends to be, as well, the initiation to winter races. To participate on it is not necessary to have experience in other winter races but we recommend to people who participate to have experience in marathons or winter mountain traverses.

We understand that anybody who intends to participate in this kind of race without previous winter experience must have the common sense to get good information about all the needs to face a competition like this one.

The race starts and finishes in Rovaniemi and runs through the wilderness around the city.

The all track is a mixture of b-class roads, single lane roads, trails, snowmobile tracks and also runs through a frozen river and a lake.

There is a marked route and mandatory checkpoints. The trail is marked with stakes, plastic ribbon and reflective tape.

A few days before the race starts, all trails will be previously tracked by snowmobile to facilitate the passage.

Participants have to carry their own food and water. Participants can cook and melt snow in checkpoints but fire place is not so big so could be necessary to wait your turn except if you carry your stove.




At the checkpoints, racers will find:


1- Porohovi 1:     basic shelter, camp fire and water.


2- Sinettärvi:      nothing but the control.


3- Mellavaara:     basic shelter and camp fire.


4- Sinettänlaavu: basic shelter and camp fire.


5- Porohovi 2:     basic shelter, camp fire and water.




Registration opens 15.11.2014



Registration closes on 10.2.2015


Pre Race Meeting and Check-in mandatory gear: February 20th. in Pohjanhovi hotel at 11:30 h.



Race sign-in:


February 21 begin at 08:00 h. at the starting point.


Race starts February 21 at 09:00 h.


Race ends February 22 at 03:00 h.





Temperatures: could reach or even over exceed -30ºC.


Light hours: from 8:00 to 17:00 approximately.


 Finnish Meteorolgical Institute