Progress in deep snow is the most common. Also there are snowmobile tracks with packed snow and B roads cleaned by machine due that there is trafic on it. So you ski and walk.


Following is the gear we recommend to do the Lapland Extreme Challenge.


Forest skis: For deep snow forest skis are the best. There are two kinds of forest skis, thin and long and short and wide. Thin forest skis can be more than 2 meters long.


- Also splitboard is ok.


- If you don't know about the wax, is recommendable to use seal skins for the forest skis and extra seal skin for the OAC skins, just in case.


Pulka: As short and small possible. For us the right is 130 cm long and 40 cm wide. Brands: Fjellpulken, Acapulka. Snowsled. We recommend poles dragging system.

Salomon trekking boot

Hoka Tor Ultra

Hoka Sky Toa

NEOS overshoes Navigator 5

Neos Navigator 5

Combination with NEOS

OAC bindings


Universal binding


Arctic bindings


Skin Grip

OAC skis with seal skin

Forest skis - long and thin

Forest skis - short and wide

Now that you know our preferences you can choose your gear.


If you have any questions related, just contact us.