The Snowmobile Bible. Progressive. safety. over dangerous terrain. Polarguide and Logistics. Security. Glacier. Snowmobile
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The Snowmobile Bible,

progressive safety over 

dangerous terrain.


Cover picture: Charlie Robb all rights reserved.

Snowmobile security techniques over glaciers, the illustrated guide.


Moving around glaciers is a dangerous activity in which many accidents have fatal consequences. Throughout his six first years guiding in Antarctica, the author carried out numerous test and trails involving prototype systems and modified equipment over some serious terrain indeed. The meticulously logged data has been formatted into a practically structured and readable result. This is an essential piece of work for those who wish to get over and about glaciers, in safety with snowmobiles.


It's all here in the Snowmobile Bible. The first book to explain in detail and with precision the steps needed in order to be to plan and control snowmobile activity in this dangerous arena. This manual incorporate photographs, tables and diagrams which help the reader to understand the basic principles and kit. Practical simulated self and team rescue exercises for guides, participants and clients, plus basic medical considerations are also included.


"The Snowmobile Bible fills a documentary void, and does so using clear and accesible language making it a vital reference manual for the professional and amateur alike."

Phil Waters (Geologist and Roped Access Technician, Phil designed one of the most revolutionary ice-axes ever: the Predators)



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Reviewed by: Jeff Rubin. The Polar Times Editor.
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Reviewed by: Yves Ouellet. Motoneige Quebec Editor. (French language)
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"The contents are very interesting" "I am sure your book will help avoid some accidents in future".

Charlie Robb. B.A.S (British Antarctic Survey).


"Impressed by the detail and technical descriptions".

Jeff Rubin. Antarctic Editor. The Polar Times.


"Very good work and a brave publication".

Mike Sharp. Antarctic Logistics - A.N.I. (Antarctic Network International).


"The book looks extremely interesting and mostly definitely a worthy read".

Daleen Koch. S.A.N.A.E (South Africa National Antarctic Expedition).


"It is a great resource and one we feel is important and valuable".

Debra McGhan. Executive Director N.A.O.I (North American Outdoor Institute).


"You have done very professional and the pictures are very very good, excellent".

Iglika Trifonova. Photographer. Bulgarian Antarctic Station.


"Te felicito por haber llevado adelante esa publicación".

Jerónimo Lopéz. S.C.A.R. Spain (Science Committe Antarctic Research).


"El libro me ha parecido muy util. Muy claro y directo".

José Antonio Cuchí. Geologist Zaragoza University. Spain.