Would you like to swim the lakes around Rovaniemi?... 


Summer in Lapland is the season of the Midnight Sun. Nights are bright and for two months, June and July, the Sun never sets. The warm days and brights evenings are ideal for  swimming in the freshwater lakes and having late night barbeques by the lake.


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What about cross the biggest lakes in Lapland?... or why not the Baltic sea?. Swimming programs are designed, coordinated and full safety escort supported

by Àlex S. Casanovas.


Programs are designed up to a maximum of 4 swimmers. Clubs, associations and groups, please contact us.



Stunning scenary.

Swimming under the Midnight Sun.

Extra activities such a:

Reindeer and Husky farm visit. Santa Claus and his oficial post office. Lunch and sauna in Kemijöki river in a Floating Sauna. 


There are hundreds of lakes in Lapland!!, with short and long swins to do. Here just a few ones...



Salmijärvi: 1,8 km.

Sonkajärvi: 2,2 km.

Sierijärvi: 3,6 km.

Norvajärvi: 6,2 km.

Olkkajärvi: 7,3 km.

Sinettäjärvi: 11 km.

Perunkajárvi: 15 km.


Contact for more information. Tell us your wish and we will give you advice and logistical and security support.



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